Fine Art

When one of my A-Level Art students announced she was going to do a project about tattoos I realised that I knew the perfect model for some drawing from observation! Ray was “a friend of a friend”, tall, dark-haired, star sign Sagittarius (naturally) and lead singer of a local rock band in Aylesbury. He was [...]

Mr and Mrs Dhura’s son, Amondeep, commissioned me to make this double portrait as a thank you present for his parents on the occasion of his marriage. I didn’t meet Mr and Mrs Dhura until the wedding day so I worked from a photograph supplied by Amondeep, a Science teacher in a nearby school. I [...]

I saw Marillion in concert a few times during the 1980s; at Hammersmith Odeon, Glastonbury Festival and at St. Andrew’s Hall in Norwich, just around the corner from the Norwich School of Art building. I took my Olympus OM1 SLR camera with me to the gig and took a series of photos from quite close [...]

After spending days and weeks in the Life Room at Norwich School of Art producing “academic” nudes, Stephen and I decided we would prefer to paint some of our friends (with clothes on!). So we took it in turns to pose for each other in the mornings. Stephen was one of the youngest and most [...]

This quick drawing is part of a series of drawings that I did at the Atelier Intercommunal des Beaux Arts in Briançon in November 2015. It was just a few days after the massacre at the Batalan club and the other terrorist atrocities in Paris on Friday 13th November. A number of young women, who [...]

This drawing was made during an evening class at Berkhamsted School, Hertfordshire. I tried to keep this drawing very simple with dramatic shadows. I’m pleased that I didn’t overwork the hair, or the features. This would be the perfect study for a painting or sculpture of a mermaid, a theme which I explored further in [...]

This charcoal drawing was made in the celebrated “Life Room” on the ground floor of Norwich School of Art. The building is situated in George Street, on the banks of the river Wensum. Fanny, the model, kept this demanding pose for hours on end… a true professional. I really enjoyed the tuition I received from [...]

Foundation Art Course, Harrow College of Higher Education 1982-3. Charcoal pencil and chalk on pastel paper. Barry the model was a lorry driver by day, apparently.

La Vieille Ecurie is a charming “Chambre des Hotes”, with a lively bar and restaurant. It is situated in the village of La Vachette in the Vallee de la Claree, near Briancon.  In 2014 the current owners, Katie and Richard Fiander, commissioned me to make a winter watercolour painting of their establishment. “Something similar to [...]

In 2005, Mme Laurent, the owner of Hotel Plein Sud, commissioned me to make a large watercolour painting of the outdoor swimming pool and terrace area. The brief was to include some interesting details in the foreground, such as a table set for lunch, as well as the legendary Piste Luc Alphand in the distance. [...]

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