Fine Art

‘Sunflower Garden’ is probably one of my most ambitious watercolours to date. It shows the view from the bottom of my garden looking across the allotments belonging to our neighbours. In the background you can just see part of the houses in the Rue des Beignets. Each year we are charmed by the sunflowers that [...]

While I was living in Berkhamsted one of my weekend treats was a stroll along the canal and a visit to either The Boat or Rising Sun pubs (or both). This drawing was based on a photograph I took after the wind and rain had blown numerous leaves on to the towpath. There’s a hint [...]

One of my student paintings, influenced a little by Giorgio de Chirico and Paul Nash. This picture, along with other works by students on my degree course, was donated to the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital in 1986. I also left my appendix there, a rather painful experience. I hope visitors to the hospital enjoyed the [...]

Johan Asherton is a musician and songwriter from Paris, with a really deep bass-baritone voice. We became friends and pen-pals after he admired my book about Kevin Ayers. I’ve photographed Johan and his musician friends a number of times but I always wanted to portray him in a pencil or painted portrait too. Et voila! [...]

This portrait was based on sketches and photos taken in a cornfield in Suffolk. The early evening light played beautifully across Kevin’s pale Celtic skin and jet black hair…

The view from the house I lived in at the time, situated on the corner of King Street and Henry Street. Tring is a thriving market town set in the green fields of Hertfordshire. Wonderful and challenging perspective in this scene. Plus great patterns on the brick walls and tiled roofs. I worked on this [...]

Hot from my travels in Spain (summer 1985) and all things flamenco I started to make drawings and paintings of fans. One of my fellow painters, Rosalie De Meric, an opera-loving student in her sixties, offered to lend me these beautiful antique fans. I was very grateful to Rosalie for her generosity. With these items [...]

A hot, sunny afternoon in this Andalusian village which has inspired a number of artists, photographers and writers. I didn’t want to disturb these two youngsters as they opened their new game so I used my zoom lens. I like the simplicity of the white building and the range of tones in this timeless scene… [...]

This is a study for the painting of the same name. The antique fans were lent by a fellow student, Rosalie de Meric. I changed the composition quite dramatically for the large canvas. However the study of tones and textures on the dark fan helped a great deal once I was working on the painting. [...]

This is a quick, experimental student painting heavily influenced by my visit to Spain in the summer of 1985. I’ve used the square format that I favoured for the charcoal drawing, Black and White Fans. I was playing with the shapes of various objects on my dressing table and the spaces around them. I used [...]

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